Student Teaching


The University of Arizona, College of Science, and Department of Mathematics are committed to providing students in the Secondary Mathematics Education Program with a valuable, culminating student teaching experience. The goal of this experience is that student teachers apply the concepts and principles they have learned in their Secondary Mathematics Education Program courses. The student teachers are supported in this quest by university mentors and classroom teachers.

Student teaching is a 15-unit course (MATH 494C) taken during students’ final semester at The University of Arizona. Prior to student teaching, students must successfully complete all of the other coursework required for the major. This includes all of the Teaching and Learning coursework and all required courses in Mathematics with a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.0.

This practicum provides prospective secondary mathematics teachers with student teaching experience under the supervision of experienced master classroom teachers that have been identified as outstanding teachers for their instruction, their management techniques, and their mentoring skills.  It is through partnerships built with school districts that we are able to place our students in quality classrooms.  Our goal is to sustain partnerships with the school districts that employ and support our graduates to help them become future master teachers.

The preparation of secondary teachers of mathematics follows an apprenticeship model, in which it is imperative for the preservice teachers to work with and learn from practicing middle and high school teachers. The student teaching experience prepares preservice teachers to join the teaching profession as reflective practitioners.

Student teaching is comprised of several components. Following is a brief list of the requirements for student teachers: 

::  Student teach a minimum of  80 days at the assigned school
::  Attendance at the assigned school during the mentor teachers’ contract  hours
::  Preparation of a phase-In schedule for taking on teaching assignments
::  Preparation of daily lesson plans
::  Administrative tasks such as taking attendance, completion of student reports, grading, etc.
::  Full phase-in teaching of four classes per day for five weeks
::  Reflections on teaching
::  Creation of a portfolio
::  Attendance at seminars as assigned by the Secondary Mathematics Education Program

Student Teaching Application

A student teaching application packet will be given to you during the semester prior to student teaching. Basic eligibility requirements are:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the required mathematics coursework
  • Successful completion of all prerequisite coursework for MATH 494C
  • A Fingerprint Clearance Card issued from the AZ Dept. of Public Safety

The completed application packet is due during the semester of enrollment in MATH 406B, Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools, approximately two months prior to the student teaching semester.

University Mentoring for Student Teachers:

1. Observation Form

2. Summary of Feedback Log

3. Mid-Term & Final Evaluation Form

4. MATH 494C Course Grade Form

5. Mileage Form