Past Graduates

Melody Hyland, 2014
"The SMEP at changed my life. Throughout the program I developed a deeper understanding of mathematics, while gaining experience working with secondary students on a first hand basis. The program gave me the pedagogical skills needed to be successful in teaching. I am currently teaching high school Algebra 1 and 2, and absolutely love it. I implement many techniques that I learned from the SMEP in my classroom, which makes learning an interesting, fun and rich experience for my students. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the program, and would recommend it to anyone who is considering a career in secondary education."
David Buchanan, 2013
"Being a part of the University of Arizona SMEP program truly changed my life. Originally I never planned on pursing a teaching career until I went through the whole program. The professors, mentors, and leadership involved carry a passion towards education that drives future teachers to make a difference. On a personal note, I still talk to my mentor teacher on a consistent basis! To this day I consider him one of my best friends and a life-long mentor. I have SMEP to thank for that."
Daniel Schneider, 2011 Graduate
"The U of A Secondary Math Preparation Program introduced me to the people who would become my support system during my first few years of teaching, and are now the teachers I share ideas with and steal resources from."
Alex Swindle, 2011 Graduate
"The classroom experiences were incredibly valuable when it came to understanding the realities of the teaching profession. Having a forum to discuss those experiences with both my peers and veteran classroom teachers was a great resource for understanding what strategies were effective and how our individual personalities would shape our teaching styles."
Elly Macias, 2009
"The UA Secondary Mathematics Education Program prepared me for teaching because it gave me the insight of a classroom. Not only with my student teaching opportunity but with the great guidance that I received from my supervisors. It was nice to know that my success was not only the interest of my speciic supervisor but of everyone involved in the program."
Amelia Quinn, 2008 Graduate
“I have found that teaching is one of those professions that must be experienced to be understood. The opportunity to observe and teach in actual classrooms, with the aid of experienced teachers and under the guidance of the professors, was, in my opinion, the most valuable component of the Secondary Mathematics Education Program."
Jocelyn Baker, 2008
“I feel the UA Mathematics Education Program prepared me with enough mathematical knowledge and hands-on teaching experience to where I feel comfortable and confident teaching any secondary mathematics curriculum. I teach at a small school in China that puts up to four grade levels in the same classroom, and as time goes on, I realize that I have all the knowledge I need to be a successful teacher in any circumstance."
Lawrence Schneider, 2008
“Probably the most useful skill I learned while a student in U of A's Math Education Program was how to work collaboratively with my peers. Bouncing ideas of each other and becoming independently dependent on my fellow future teachers lent itself hugely to how I incorporated myself at my teaching site as a first year teacher."
Meghan Phillips, 2007
“The Secondary Math Education Program at U of A taught me a lot about how to teach math and look at individual problems and questioning. I feel like I could switch to any secondary grade level and be completely comfortable teaching the material. Student teaching and interning in different classrooms helped me develop my own classroom management style and gain techniques for positive and effective differentiated instruction."
Heather Waclawik, 2005
“The Mathematics Education program in the College of Science prepared me for teaching by providing the essentials for a future teacher. Through each classroom practicum, relevant math and pedagogy courses specific to teaching mathematics, I encountered a variety of valuable learning experiences."