Arizona Certification

Degree Check Procedures
Prior to the student teaching semester, a degree check must be done with the student teacher’s Department of Mathematics faculty advisor. To begin the process, the student teacher should pick up the correct form from the College of Science Advising Office, Gould Simpson, room 1017. An appointment with the student’s mathematics advisor should then be made to review the degree requirements.

The advisor will go over these requirements in conjunction with the students’ records or transcripts and will sign off if all requirements have been met. The degree check is then turned back in to the College of Science Advising Office, Gould Simpson, Room 1017. Any further questions regarding the process can be directed to the Math Center in the Mathematics Department,

During the final semester, the Office of Curriculum and Registration will send an e-mail message detailing graduation events. Caps and gowns are available (for rent or purchase) at the UA Bookstore. One item that may be of particular interest to student teachers is the College of Science pre-commencement ceremony (which is usually held a few days before the university-wide commencement).

Requirements for certification are:
Bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.)
::  Successful completion of the Secondary Mathematics Education Program
::  National Evaluation Series (NES) - pass the professional knowledge examination and the mathematics subject knowledge examinaton
::  Six units of Structured English Immersion (SEI)
::  U.S. and AZ state Constitution coursework or a passing score on the Arizona Department of Education examination
::  Fingerprint Clearance Card
::  Payment of corresponding fees


The following steps and recommended timeline for each will facilitate the certification process: 

1. Complete the senior degree check with the mathematics advisor the semester before graduation. The degree check process allows the academic advisor to verify the completion of or registration of all courses necessary to meet graduation requirements. The U.S. and Arizona Constitution is a requirement for institutional certification.

2. Fingerprint clearance card obtained early in the program during or shortly after MATH 205. The fingerprint clearance can be obtained from the AZ Dept. of Public Safety:

3. National Evaluation Series (NES) assesssments - pass the professional knowledge and content area examinations. The semester prior to student teaching, students are advised to take the assessments. Testing dates and registration information are available at NES, teaching certificate

4. Complete the Institutional Recommendation/Application for Certification Form and return the form to the Dean’s office, Room 201, College of Education, early in the semester of graduation. The forms will be distributed at the mandatory meeting for student teachers early in the semester and are available in the Office of Student Services in the College of Education. The signed Institutional Recommendation Form for Certification will be mailed to the student teacher or can be picked up at the Dean’s Office, Room 201, College of Education.

5. Mail or deliver the signed Institutional Recommendation "IR" Application Form, the NES assessment test results, a copy of the fingerprint card, and the corresponding fees to the Arizona State Department of Education- Certification Unit:


Phoenix Office:
P. O. Box 6490
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6490
Telephone: (602) 542-4367